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Future Etriac Plans? (As of 9/13/23)

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What is Etriac?

Etriac Density is a comic that starts with an alternate version of earth that’s time was being controlled by one massive orbital called the eye. In retaliation for destroying his world, Iversia, a man named Lisem blew it up. Now the entire world’s atoms have gained 200 more neutrons, everything’s in a constant state of atomic decay, and the entire world has become perpetually trapped in time. In the midst of this mess, one man called “The Etriac” has somehow gained the power to add protons made of his own body to these atoms to stabilize them. In ETD we follow his organization, known as “The Etriac Density.” They act as a semi-religious world peace organization that saves people around the world with their time travel powers.

Trigger warning for intense discussion of nonfamilial child abuse. There isn't and will never be any on-screen physical abuse.

What's going on with Etriac? (Update Corner)

Last update of part 1 was 9/12/2023. Follow my tumblr for more recent between-update news. BUT STOP SENDING ME SLURS.

Another new update. This one took me a while because I had to really think about what the characters needed to grow and change. Hope you find this a satisfying character growth and are excited to see more parts of Etriac in the future. I have a lot of plans and I'm really excited for them. :) I also rescanned the old images so theyre clearer. hopefully theyre good, i was working kind of fast so lemme know ( thx!!

9/13 update: after sitting on it, I don't think I can do the stuff I want to do comicwise while promising a full book on the side as well. which sucks, sorry. I still have a lot of the manuscript done and I'll keep up my initial draft if people still want it. But I want to continue the story of Etriac in a more developed way. I plan on... not abandoning the etriac website, but switching back to the iversia website. I plan on making a remastered version of iversia im calling "iversia: residential decency" or something rn that interacts with etriac. NOT abandoning the story. all etriac development was VERY important for my idea. it will be cool, i finally feel confident enough in my skills to do a remaster that removes all the shit parts and looks good. so yeah is the place to go. I'm gonna redo it when I have a lllliiiiittle bit more time but ya ya. sounds good

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